‚ÄčAbout Santa Dave:

Santa For Hire in Portland, OR / Vancouver, WA Metro Area

Santa Dave is a grandfather of 7 (Chloe, Polly, Isabella, Mary, Josie, Seth and Eli are all doing fine) who enjoys interacting with both children and adults. Christmas has always been his special time of the year! Santa Dave is a gregarious sort who works well with individuals or a crowd. Santa Dave is available for hire and serves the Portland, OR / Vancouver, WA metro area.  This is his 11th year as a performing Santa.

What Santa Dave does on his visits depends on time and size of the audience for whom he is performing.  Pictures with Santa  and lap time for the children (and adults if desired!)  are perhaps the most important things Santa Dave does.  Given time, he can also read Christmas stories and sing Christmas Carols with the adults and kids.  If client provided gifts are left by the entrance door, Santa Dave is more than happy to bring them in and pass them out.  If you can provide him with advanced information, he can also interact with the children and their Elf on the Shelf.  This information needs not to be too complex as Santa Dave tries to do his best by reviewing the information right before entry.  Please also inquire about any additional special requests/needs you might have and I will try to accommodate.

To check for availability and rates fill in my request form (click here) and I will get back to you as soon as I can.  Or you can email me at dacardiff@aol.com.  Or if you are the impatient type who is way excited about Christmas, call me direct at 360-852-0903!

Contact Santa Dave right now to insure availability for your upcoming event whether it be a company party, a gathering of your friends and relatives, a regional sales meeting, parade or whatever holiday function you are having. Santa Dave will make it a memorable event for everyone.